Disk configurations

When you add one or more hard disks to a computer system, or replace disks in a system, you have several options for the configuration of those disks

  • Each disk can appear to the computer as a single disk.
  • A single disk may also be partitioned into several volumes with each volume behaving like an individual physical disk.
  • Multiple disks may also be “spanned” so that they appear to be a single disk.


Hard Disk Services

What Types Do We Provide?

Hard Disk Drive

HDDs are usually installed inside desktop computers, mobile devices, consumer electronics and enterprise storage arrays in data centers. They can store operating systems, software programs and other files using magnetic disks.

Solid-State Drive

An SSD is a type of storage device used in computers. This non-volatile storage media stores persistent data on solid-state flash memory. SSDs replace traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) in computers and perform the same basic functions as a hard drive.

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