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Our eBook writing services helps you attract new leads and keep your prospects hooked till you convert them!

An eBook is something you transfer to browse whereas quiet on a beach. Except for marketers, AN eBook is a chance to provide careful insight on a section of experience, enhance their name, and most significantly to get new leads.

Despite these edges, the eBook format will still appear a touch formidable to marketers and that’s principally due to the perception that eBooks square measure reserved for skilled publishers and authors United Nations agency build their living from writing books. This text can highlight the most variations between a promoting eBook and a conventional eBook in a trial to dispel a number of the myths that square measure holding marketers back from launching their own eBook campaign.

We make a storyboard which is connecting with, retaining and effective. For we plan to assist you with extending your image presence by effectively taking your message to the crowd.

eBook Services

eBook Writing Services that Save your Time and Money

Strategic Consultation with Content Strategists

Please realize that content creation for a top notch eBook takes time and endeavors. Our content strategists guide the complete process and ensure the e Book content is in sync with the client’s overall content marketing strategy.

eBook Outlining + Content Creation + Design; All Inclusive

Our content writing services come with everything you need to create relevant & engaging eBooks. Content outlining and content creation, ebook cover are included in all our eBook packages.

Niche Expert eBook writers

Our team includes professional eBook writers for hire with expertise . From Tech to Travel, and from Marketing to Medical, whichever niche you’re working in, we can handle it!

100% Original Content ,Awesome eBook Writing Services 🤩

Every eBook we deliver is checked so that it will be a 100% original content. Plus, all content goes through two-stage editing and proofreading. We ensure that your eBook content is relevant, engaging and 100% unique.


Your Questions Answered

eBooks are an incredible showcasing device. And, eBook writing projects we’ve worked on have assisted our clients with producing leads and build loyal customers. eBooks help you teach and connect with your crowd. They can be utilized as a lead magnet to produce leads. You can likewise utilize a eBook as a downloadable asset on your landing page, to keep your visitors and customers engaged.

And, the most amazing aspect; you can reuse your eBook content to make a blog entry and lift the SEO of your site .

When it comes to eBook content creation, yes, there are some eBook best practices but there is no particular one word count for an eBook.  You can go for a word count depending on your budget and your industry.

The word count for your eBook depends on the industry you are in and the topic you want to cover. If you’re unsure about the ideal word count for your eBook, just get a free consultation with us and we’ll be happy to guide you.

Our eBook writing packages come with different word count options from 2,500 words to 20,000 words. If you need a customized package, you can contact us.

Our eBook writing package includes:

  • eBook strategy and outlining
  • Content creation by niche expert eBook ghostwriter
  • eBook structuring including a clickable table of contents
  • Relevant free stock images

Let’s work together on your next project. 🎈

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